What is Love INC?

Love INC of Lorain County mobilizes the church to transform lives by meeting practical needs in Christ's name. We operate a clearinghouse that receives requests for help, verifies them, and then matches them with the most appropriate helping resources.

What is a Talent Survey?

Talent Surveys help us know what individuals are willing to do according to their talents and willingness. When we recieve a request for help or deterimine a need, we can match them with indvidual who can serve them in Jesus' name.

I filled out a talent survey before and was never contacted. Why should I do it again?

We've improved our talent survey process, grown in our focus to mobilize individuals, and added new leaders. We are already seeing results; so we hope you'll give it another shot.

What happens when I turn in the talent survey?

You'll be contacted by our office to acknowlege your survey and firm up any details. Your survey then goes in our database of talent willing to serve in Christ's name until needed.

How soon will I be contacted to serve?

We recieve thousands of requests for help each year, yet the needs are unique. It could be 2 weeks or 10 months, all depending on need.

I'm eager to serve. Is there something I can do in the mean time while waiting for an opportunity?

Yes. Love Ops are planned opportunities to meet frequent needs by collecting baby items, personal care items, household cleaning, etc. There is a place on the survey to indicate interest in Love Ops.

What if I can't serve when contacted?

That's okay. Simply tell us you are unable to meet the request, and we will contact you the next time around.